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Hi all and welcome back to CRAZY!!

I planned on doing a small blog occasionally while living in Pittsburgh when I first moved but if you have followed any of my drama or know me personally — its been hell. Trying to relive and put into words the struggles of adjusting to living here or adult life was just complicated and traumatizing.

My face describes my mood through all the mayhem. Also RIP this beautiful green coat that was in my car when it was broken in to and stolen.

In case you’re new to my life or didn’t have me on Facebook during the last year I’ll sum it up quickly:

  • I moved and didn’t have A/C for 5 days during the hottest part of Pittsburgh’s summer.
  • I got into 2 car accidents within 4 days of each other.
  • I was unable to get a parking pass for my street for 2 weeks.
  • I also couldn’t get a new ID (which I needed for work) unless I had about 8 forms of ID/proof of residency, a blood sample, be best friends with Oprah and donate my first child.
  • My house was falling apart left and right.
  • Bought a new car
  • I slipped down my stairs in the winter and had a hairline fracture on my wrist.
  • Fast forward, my house was broken into then 3 days later my car was broken into.
  • I got into another car accident.
  • I lost my job (twice).
  • Went to Italy randomly.
  • Moved to a new house.
  • Applied to grad school.

Now we are here. I am sure there were a lot of things I missed but thats okay because you really don’t need to know much more.

SO. Now that you’re all caught up and we are all on board this crazy train….I should say plane because that is what I’ll be on in four months. I am going to grad school. Shocking I know (to me and everyone else who knows me). What is even more shocking is that I am going to grad school in Italy.

Many of people have asked “why thats so far?”, “of all the places you could have picked, you chose a school abroad?” , “are you really going to study or is there another reason?” oh and my favorite “I thought you liked sports, how come you want to do fashion now?”

If you know me at all, you know I am a travel bug. You know that I don’t stay in one spot for long. You may also know that I am a very independent person and live life making very quick decisions but not regretting them. I got that from my dad.

For years I worked for Michael Kors and told myself I wanted to move up and work in their corporate office one day. Then I got the visuals manager position at J. Crew and fell in love with fashion merchandising. I pondered going to school for it more and more every day. Well then J. Crew closed, I left Michael Kors and I was floundering. Do I keep trying to pursue a dream that I know I am good at or do I go back to trying to get a job in the sports world since I haven’t done that yet and maybe that will work out?

My favorite photo captured from my spontaneous trip.

So instead of answering these questions… I hopped on a plane and flew to Italy for 4 days. Responsible, right? Especially not having a job and still having to pay rent / all of my bills.

While I was there visiting a friend I had a day in Milan by myself where I wandered around and got to see the beautiful city. I saw a woman dressed head to toe in an outfit more expensive than my car and loved every second of it. I then got back to my hotel room and started looking up graduate programs that focused in brand management, communication, fashion merchandising, or anything that had to do with fashion marketing and found myself applying to four different schools abroad and three in the U.S. The GRE frightens me and I am not good at standardized testing or I would have applied to more places in the US. (For those not familiar its basically like the SAT but on steroids.)

I almost did it as a joke, because I never thought I would get in, and so I did not tell anyone. Then I got selected for an interview, then a second interview and then got my acceptance letter and had four days to decide if I was going or not.

Now on December 27, 2019 I will be on a plane with 400 bags moving to Milan, Italy to study at the Milano Fashion Institute to get a masters in Brand Communication and Fashion Management.

It’s four months away, I know but I wanted to go ahead and establish this post and make a couple posts here and there as I prepare to move. I hope you’ll follow along or keep my in mind as I make this big transition to move across the world.

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  1. How amazing! I’m so happy for you. Go, live your life, chase huge dream and follow your heart! You will never go wrong or fail. Plus it gives me a great place to visit haha. Hugs and kisses to you.

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